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Ciao Bella

Jun 20, 2022

Island life can mean importing, but a group of Venetian restaurants want to change that by going back to the earth.  Francesco Agopyan, owner of Antiche Carampane takes Erica to Sant’Erasmo, an archipelago satellite island, to experience Osti in Orto - the group fam that is cultivating and bringing local and...

Jun 13, 2022

Every hour is Spritz O'Clock says Rudi Carraro, Select brand ambassador. Let's dive into the Spritz, a Venetian icon made with a  botanical-rich bitters - in this case, invented and made in Venice more than a century ago. 

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Ciao Bella


Jun 6, 2022

Venice is an archipelago of the best kept secrets to uncover and no one knows that better that Gioellei Romanelli, Venetian for centuries, notelier and founder of Inside Venice.  While most focus on the floating cities illustrious history, Romanelli and Inside Venice love to share 21st century Venice. He joins Erica...